Fix paypal: "Queries or requests submitted to this mailbox will not be processed."

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The scum that is PayPal has deactivated the account "".
This means that the option to send an EU GDPR (I haven't tried any other) does not work at the moment, as it tries to email this address.

They insist that you send a request through their useless assistance bot, which does not recognize deletion of accounts.
I managed to reach the point where the bot asked me "I want to delete my account, is this correct?", I responded "Yes" and then, seemingly, the bot broke and refused to understand any other phrase.

PayPal is openly flaunting EU GDPR as it currently does NOT honor GPDR right to forget requests.
I do not think this is legal on their part tbh, they are impeding people from making requests, while they have the convenient scapegoat of the imbecile bot that can't understand human speech, so much for AI.

Supposedly, the option to call them is still available.

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Comments: 3